NYStix 243 wood baseball bats
243 Pro Wood Bat

243 Pro Wood Bat


Got the strength and swing gifted by the Gods? Buy the NYStix 243 pro wood bat today!

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In the days of baseball past, professionals used to literally used tree logs for their pro wood bat. The allowed length in pro ball is a 42″ bat. I’ve held some models used by the baseball giants and two common things where the length 35″ and the bats where heavy.

The c243 is one of those model designed after this thinking and those players. The barrel is the largest in the game and through the years has gone through some design changes. Hitting with the NYStix Empire 243 might alter the path of your swing when used initially.

Hand strength and swing discipline are important with this model.

Alternatives to the 243 are I13 or AJ9 .

Bat Facts


Handle size metrics:  

  • .91” or below = Thin handle.
  • .92 to .96 = Normal handle.
  • .96 to 1.00” = Large handle

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions36 × 3 × 3 in
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