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NYStix Sports baseball glove buying guide.

Its not fair to have poor equipment holding you back from reaching your goals!

At 12 I played little league for the first time. My first glove was a Spalding pitcher’s model, just like Doc Gooden’s glove when he pitched for the Mets. I was ready to get on the mound and show of my imitation Doc leg kick and bring the heat. But pitching was not in the cards.

It turned out I was the biggest kid on the team and was passed a catcher’s mitt. I was not happy. 😔

I had a hard time from the start. I’m using a mitt that too large for my hands. My hand stung when the ball hit the mitt and I dropped the ball, constantly. Ouch…

Inexperienced, I continued on, using a batting glove to help with the sting. That helped a bit, but the ball continued to pop out of the mitt. In my time baseball glove buying guides were not available and the retail stores came up short on information.

As a young ballplayer, at every opportunity I’d go into to the sporting goods store to look at the “wall of gloves.” Just to see the different colors and glove types and try on as many as I could, and “baseball dreamed.”

Come on, we’ve all done it.

But when it comes to being the best defensive player at your position, more information about what we are using matters. And the following experience forced me to rethink how not to be a failure on the field.