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What size baseball glove do I need?

What size baseball glove do I need?

Winning the #1 spot in your position depends on buying the right baseball glove size.

What size baseball glove do I need?

I started playing the catcher position in little league and was my primary position through college. My family finances was tight, so I did not own a catcher’s mitt, relying on the team mitts.  I used several gloves and they were low quality gloves of different sizes. And I had lots of problems getting comfortable and my performance suffered.

When I could buy my first catcher’s mitt, I did not have a clearer idea of what size baseball glove do I need and the quality differences.  In this article, we are going to concentrate on the average baseball glove size.  To find out more about the different baseball glove leathers, read my Secret baseball glove buying guide improves performance.

The circumstances for asking what size baseball glove do I need, are numerous. If your playing the game for the first time, changing positions or you find that you don’t have full control the ball once it enters your glove. There are a few things that may be going wrong.

My first glove.

A common problem that every most players face when having to buy a glove for the first time, themselves or a parent buying a glove for a youth player is the gloves future use.

Baseball glove too big.

Thinking as a parent, I might want to buy a glove that is a little big from my son or daughter to save on future purchases. This is a perfectly valid thought process. If the glove was a bit big, parents buy a batting glove to help to with the fit.

If the player is 10 years or older and is playing competitive baseball every catch in practice and on the field is important. Here are possible signs of a glove being too big:

  1. Fielded ground balls pulls the glove off of the hand.
  2. Player cannot close a glove completely, causing the ball to pop out.
  3. Hand opening of the glove is not adjustable.

It’s more important to make sure the glove fits your hand and finger strength.  Based on your position and style of play.  Next, I will go through each position and describe the minimum glove size. 

Infield Glove Size

Gloves lengths increases in quarter ( .25″) inch increments. Infield glove size start as small as 10.50″. The size of the players hands and fingers must be considered when picking the right size. Purchasing a glove for player under 10 years old you want to look for a glove a max length of 11.00″ to 11.25″ inches. If the players’ hand is normal for his size and his fingers are on the thin side, a glove of 10.50″ to 11″ should be considered. Second baseman and shortstop players 11 and older will be looking for glove size starting at 11.25″ up to 11.50″. The size of these sizes will come down to the skill level and speed of the player.Developing shortstops with excellent range can start with a bigger 11.75″ glove. As their skill increases, they can drop to a 11.50″ glove.

Third baseman have to handle batted liners and grounders that reach them at speeds of hockey pucks shot on goal. The don’t have a lot of time. The average baseball glove size for third base of the upper level of play is from 11.75″ to 12″.

Outfield Glove Size

Outfielder use the longest gloves on the ball field and have the most territory to cover.  Outfielders need this length to make amazing catches on the run, diving through the air and sometimes going over the wall. 

Players who are under 10 years old playing outfield should choose an outfield glove between sizes of 11.50″ to 12″.  Again use the strength of the players hand when considering the right size. Most importantly the length of the glove must match the players skills.

Being conservative is a good option, establish that the player can make continue to make the basic catches and fielding doesn’t suffer.

Players at the high school level typically starts by upgrading to 12.50″ glove, with a wide pocket shape and upgrading to a 12.75″ or 13″.

Catcher's Mitt Size

Youth catcher’s mitt size is the standard 31.50″ circumference. The styles differ between companies. Until the strength of the players hands and receiving skills improve the player should not upgrade to the bigger sizes. 

Pitching across junior and high school baseball is getting better and better.  Catchers now a days have to develop faster that in the past. At these levels, catchers should be catching with a minimum of a 33.50″ mitt.  

Talking with our professional catchers , they report that organizations want their catchers to use mitts size of 34″ and some bigger. 

First Base Mitt Size

First base mitts size range from 12.50″ to 13″ mitts.

First base mitts will differ in shape from manufactures.  Model from company A might be a narrower pocket to company B’s wide pocket models. The wider pocket models will require hand strength to control the baseball due to extra leather.  

Wrap Up

Hope this guide answers the problem of ” what size baseball glove do i need ? “. 

NYStix Sports sells branded custom baseball gloves used by amateur and pro players.

Our baseball gloves are available in all the recommended sizes. All of our gloves have adjustable wrist opening so you can change the fit.



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