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NYStix knows that customer trust is a hard thing to come by. We continue to document information that would be helpful to all customers. Just in case you did not find the information you need or you want to talk to Andre, fill out the form below or contact us via phone message or chat/SMS via our phone number or WhatsApp.

Talk to you soon.

    What Our Customers Say..

    I really love the quality of the wood that's used to make NYStix. I've had a few bats that lasted me longer than some of the top name brands that are used by actual professional. I have no complaints ask the baseballs I've used them on, lol.
    NYStix recommended by customer.
    Donovan D
    NYStix wood bats are awesome. I've had them for a long time and they feel really, really great. As a coach and a player good equipment is needed for winning results.
    Alex Torres likes NYStix
    Alex T
    Bronx, NY