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How to use the Custom Glove Builder

Custom Baseball Gloves​

Making custom baseball gloves has never been easier than it is now. Every company has designed slick applications to allow customers to design theirs baseball glove easily. Having tested many tools, NYStix has worked hard to design our glove builder to be easy to use, by all. We focused on a clean interface where we guide you through the all the steps.

After starting the tool, the glove builder will guide you through the steps collecting necessary basic information to make sure your glove fits properly and looks good on your hands. Wait! Before you begin, look at your glove hand right now and imagine your NYStix customization will look like.

Continue reading this short description of what you will be doing in the custom glove builder tool.

Best baseball glove leather

Our Custom baseball glove is a high quality product and as a boutique sports equipment company, we need as close to 100% satisfaction from our customers. We do this by not taking shortcuts in glove production and buying the best baseball glove leathers from Japan’s well respected tanneries, whose tanning processes are considered best in the world. Click here to read my about my struggles learning to be a catcher, but my mitt was hurting me.

Question #1:  When the custom glove builder starts the first question is to pick the position you will use your glove or mitt. 

Question #2: This step starts by asking you the leather quality that you want for your glove. US Premium Steer(steerhide) or Dutch Kip (premium kip leather).