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NYStix glove has been tested at the highest level. Taking the field with a custom glove from NYStixs will have you playing like a pro.

9p sicnarf loopstock

Sicnarf Loopstok was a professional in the Cleveland Indians organization. For multiple seasons Sicnarf exclusively used 9P mitts as a catcher and first base on the Double AA roster.

terry doylejpg

Terry Doyle pitched for several major league teams including the Twins, White Sox, Red Sox and the Orioles. He was the first professional to use a 9Positions glove.

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Standard Steer Leather

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Kip Leather Glove

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Standard Steer Leather

Steer First Base Baseball Mitt

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Kip Leather Glove

Kip leather custom baseball glove



Pro Baseball Gloves by NYStix

Amazing performances begin with amazing gear

When it comes to glove making, leather isn't created equal. The part of the hide you use matters much more than you'd think.

The vast majority of glove makers use cattle hides to create their products.

The two major types of leather most commonly used are:
steerhide leather on a rack

Steerhide leather is sourced from full-grain hide from male cattle raised in the USA.

The leather is versatile and resistant to finger twisting while trapping hard-hit liners and acrobatic catches.

The leather will not suffer from stretching and will maintain its shape (with proper care) for long-lasting use.

NYStix makes custom gloves using the best kip leather

Kip leather is untanned hide from juvenile animals. These animals include young calves, lambs and goats.

This leather is a highly sought-after material for high-end fashion, the auto industry and baseball glove manufacture.

Lighter than cowhide, a kip baseball glove takes less time to break in.

Let me introduce myself...

From a young age, I wanted to be a baseball player. My family did not have a history of baseball players who could teach me the game, to play catch or hand-down to me the perfect glove.

A baseball glove was my prized possession, more than any toy.

Playing in the middle school leagues, you quickly learn that how you perform in practice will determine your playing time. I learned that lesson the hard way. I quickly discovered the glove that I was using was hurting my chances and my hand. The baseball would pop out of my glove, or the impact would make me wince in pain.

All my gloves were purchased from the local sporting goods store and back in those days, there was no guidance or knowledgeable salesperson that could explain the pros and cons.

Today, the selection seems better, but a lot of those old problems still exist. And NYStixs works to remove doubts when shopping for a new glove.

NYStixs Owner

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  • Local Pickup is available to NYC customers
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100% Refund Policy

  • 48 hour to inspect and evaluate all custom orders
  • 100% refund due to mistake, problem or error on our part.
  • Glove must be returned in its original condition.

1 Year Warranty

  • 1-year warranty on order.
  • Warranty request must be initiated via email.
  • "Defective" claims will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of NYStixs.

Online Scouting Report
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People Say About Us!

Picture of Customer Glove
Glove is awesome! The quality if the glove is as good as any I have seen. The glove colors turned out exactly how I wanted them to be. From start to finish Andre was great to deal with and kept me updated as the glove was being made by sending me pictures of the materials. I will order again when its time for another one.
-Tripp M-

Custom Wood Bats and Custom Gloves

Shopping for customizable wood bats and high quality baseball gloves is easy.  NYStix Sports sells NYStix and 9Positions ( 9P ) custom baseball equipment. 

High Quality Baseball Gloves

Have you searched for a colorful baseball glove made from premium steer leather or kip leathers? NYStix can build it in 30 days and ease the break-in time buy applying pressure at the right spots. Over 15 colors to choose from. Our high quality baseball glove  will improve your defense trapping the baseball like a mouse trap. Read our Baseball Glove Buyers Guide.

Our easy to use Glove Designer makes designing your high quality baseball gloves easy. The steps to complete a custom design include images and content to help you make informed decision. Read our Glove Builder Guide.

Glove Leathers

Steerhide Leather

Premium US Steerhide Leather

  • Steer Leather tanned in Japan
  • Professional grade durability
  • Multi-season service
  • Pro Style Pattern

NYStix makes custom gloves using the best kip leather

Premium Dutch Kip

  • Japanese Tanned Kip Leather
  • Lightweight and quick break-in
  • Internal glove lining for a smooth touch
  • Pro Style Pattern

Custom Wood Bats

NYStix was started with the mission to manufacture wood baseball bats for junior youth, high school, college and professional baseball players and helping players and parents to choose the right wood bat to maximize player training to make quality contact at the plate.

The wood for our wood baseball bats are purchased from certified sawmills approved for the professional baseball leagues. Our bats are engineered on computerized machinery for accuracy and custom wood bats.

Hard Maple Bats

Hard Maple ranks an amazing 1450 on the Janka hardwood scale. Maple wood baseball bats are the hardest baseball bats in the market.

White Ash

Prime Northern White Ash
Flexibility and strength
Made baseballs' hitting records

Yellow Birch Bats

Birch is the newest wood in the baseball bat market. Birch bats are flexible with a hard hitting surface and long life at the plate.

Making a Pro Wood Bat

From our beginning, we used the highest grade possible to produce durable wood bats that can last for entire season.

Our inventory of models and sizes are in the 100’s. The list has been narrowed down to the top requested pro models.

Gain success and confidence at the plate knowing the NYStix team takes hard maple and birch billets to produce the finest quality bats that take your game to another level.

  • Over 10 colors for customization
  • Youth wood bats start 29″
  • Free Personalization
  • MLB certified wood
  • 9 Pro Models

Off the Rack

NYStix understands the immediate equipment needs of players. You need a wood bat, batting gloves, socks or other protective gear for the weekend. NYStix has you covered. 

We have brand name equipment and apparel for players from all sports and officials. We ship direct to you from our distributors. 

Product Categories

NYStix customers love our gloves because we combine the performance of luxury leathers, the durability to last ten seasons, and construction to prevent hand injuries.

What Our Customers Say..

I really love the quality of the wood that's used to make NYStix. I've had a few bats that lasted me longer than some of the top name brands that are used by actual professional. I have no complaints ask the baseballs I've used them on, lol.
NYStix recommended by customer.
Donovan D
NYStix wood bats are awesome. I've had them for a long time and they feel really, really great. As a coach and a player good equipment is needed for winning results.
Alex Torres likes NYStix
Alex T
Bronx, NY