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Holiday Baseball Glove Deal

Poor quality equipment hurts your performance

You are doing everything right, but the ball keeps popping out, what do you do?

Raise your hand if...

From a young age, I wanted to be a baseball player. My family did not have a history of baseball players who could teach me the game, to play catch or hand-down to me the perfect glove.

A baseball glove was my prized possession, more than any toy.

Playing in the middle school leagues, you quickly learn that how you perform in practice will determine your playing time. I learned that lesson the hard way. I quickly discovered the glove that I was using was hurting my chances and my hand. The baseball would pop out of my glove, or the impact would make me wince in pain.

All my gloves were purchased from the local sporting goods store and back in those days, there was no guidance or knowledgeable salesperson that could explain the pros and cons.

Today, the selection seems better, but a lot of those old problems still exist.

baseball player pitching

When you’re in the middle of a play, the right glove amplifies your skills, improving your odds of making the play. 

Who am I ? and the solution.

My name is Andre and I am that kid 35 years later, I’m your baseball consultant and owner of NYStix Sports.

For 20 years I manufactured the highest quality wood bats for players all over the world. Introducing a private label glove line depended on securing the quality that I would use to catch 90mph pitches.

It has taken me a while to find the perfect glove to add to the NYStix product line. I wanted the right glove to bear the NYStix and 9Positions brands. After scrutinizing samples from different glove makers, I found the perfect glove maker to continue my commitment to quality.

Andre Jacobs

Andre is the founder of NYStix
A bad glove is inevitable if you buy retail
You need to know how to purchase the right glove. The right glove acts like an extension of your hand. When you're in the zone, it disappears on your hand. When you're in the middle of a play, the right glove amplifies your skills, improving your odds of making the play. The right glove makes you a better performer, consistently.

Here's the bad news.

Not only is it possible for you to make the wrong decision, it's actually inevitable. If you're buying a glove at a big box retail store, you're going to get a horrible product. Most of the time that means you'll overspend, paying professional-grade prices for a poorly made, inferior substitute.

It gets worse.

The wrong glove will hurt your game.Your performance will suffer. Your ability to make the plays you need to make will suffer. If you're like most people, you'll beat yourself up. You'll train harder and put in more hours on the field. But your performance will continue to decline. Why?

Poor quality equipment hurts your performance.

Poor quality gloves make it harder for you to make the catch. It makes it harder for you to transfer and release the ball. Have you ever had a baseball bobble and bounce inside your glove before it pops out? Have you ever struggled to keep the ball in your glove securely? Or had it slide out completely when you turn your glove slightly in the wrong direction, kind of like this?

Retail stores give you the leftovers

When you buy a baseball glove at big retail, you're getting the leftovers. Purchasing a glove from a retail store becomes an exercise in frustration. That sounds like an incredibly bold and very biased thing to say, doesn't it?

I mean NYStix is a custom glove manufacturer. Of course, we'd say something like big retail is bad news, buy from us! We admit it; we're definitely biased.

But that's not good enough, is it?

Here's the truth. The retail outlets I mentioned a second ago (and the ones I didn't mention) are giving you scraps. What they give the pros is not what they give you. It's the industry's dirty secret. Here's how it actually works.

But here's the horrible part: they'll charge you Pro prices.

That's right. When you buy a baseball glove from a retail store, you're getting a glove that's made from the worst part of the hide. Then, if you let them, they'll turn around and demand that you pay premium pricing for an inferior product.

Incredibly unfair, right?
Pro Baseball Gloves by NYStix

Amazing performances begin with amazing gear

Our advisory board researched the tanneries, and factories receiving leather samples and options.

When it comes to glove making, leather isn't created equal. The part of the hide you use matters—a lot more than you'd think.

The vast majority of glove makers use cattle hides to create their products.

The two major types of leather most commonly used are:
steerhide leather on a rack jpg

Steerhide leather is sourced from full-grain hide from male cattle raised in the USA.

The leather is versatile and resistant to finger twisting while trapping hard-hit liners and acrobatic catches.

The leather will not suffer from stretching and will maintain its shape (with proper care) for long-lasting use.

NYStix makes custom gloves using the best kip leather

Kip leather is untanned hide from juvenile animals. These animals include young calves, lambs and goats.

This leather is a highly sought-after material for high-end fashion, the auto industry and baseball glove manufacture.

Lighter than cowhide, a kip baseball glove takes less time to break in.

NYStix Gloves

High quality, high performance and high value

competitor w


A2000 Series Steer Leather


A2K Series Steer Leather
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Premium Steer Leather


Japan Tanned Kip Leather
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Premium Steer Leather


Pro Preferred

If the experience I shared in this post is familiar. If you are a parent with 1 or more athletes at home and prefer the ballfield to video games.

If you are a player with higher aspirations, I know, I was one of you. You need to standout from the crowd.

Your performance is dependent upon your equipment.

To prove that a high quality baseball glove does not have to cost 1/2 a grand.

For a limited time, I've cut the price to COST on All NYStix glove models.

Personalize for FREE!!

Limited Time Offer!
30% Off
Normally $179
Only $125.00
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Pro Steer Leather Glove

Steer First Base Baseball Mitt

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Kip Leather Glove

Kip leather custom baseball glove



**Orders placed after 11/10/2022 are not guaranteed for Christmas delivery.

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Pro Proof

NYStix glove has been tested at the highest level. Taking the field with a custom glove from NYStixs will have you playing like a pro.

9p sicnarf loopstock

Sicnarf Loopstok was a professional in the Cleveland Indians organization. For multiple seasons Sicnarf exclusively used 9P mitts as a catcher and first base on the Double AA roster.

terry doylejpg

Terry Doyle pitched for several major league teams including the Twins, White Sox, Red Sox and the Orioles. He was the first professional to use a 9Positions glove.

Here's What Customers are Saying About NYStix Custom Gloves
High Quality, Reasonable Priced

I have been playing with crappy gloves my whole life. After playing with this glove, all I can say is wilson is not the only player in the market. I have been playing softball since I was a kid and now that I’m grown, I felt the need to level up with my gear as my skill have also improved. I really like that when I wear my glove my hand feels like it is in a glove made of silk.

Anthony Currasco
My glove came early and well-packaged...

My glove came early and well packaged. The glove was already broken in so out of the box ready to play catch. I have not played in a game yet but I throw with it all the time. My favorite so far. I recommend it to all outfielders!!

-Aaron G.
My Daughter Loves Her Custom Gloves

My daughter plays an infield position and her old glove would twist and bend when she fielded ground balls and hard liners. After switching to NYStix, her confidence has increased because the ball enters and is trapped like a mouse trap. The extra few seconds she needed to control the ball is no more with her new glove. .

Mike E
Awesome Product!

Glove is awesome! The quality if the glove is as good as any I have seen. The glove colors turned out exactly how I wanted them to be. From start to finish Andre was great to deal with and kept me updated as the glove was being made by sending me pictures of the materials. I will order again when it's time for another one.

- Tripp M
Will Get Again, this time for my little brother!

This company has come a long way, I remember Andre from when he started NYStix. I remember when he was working from his house, his dad helping him out. I played baseball with Andre, he was my catcher many moons ago. I am still here doing it and that I why I have to support. I love the glove. I plan on getting some more for my family back home. Thanks Andre.

Juan "Master P"
Evaluate it for full 15 days, 100% risk-free
money back
Guarantees can be complicated. But not this one. My promise is simple - if you are not happy with your purchase glove, write to us within 15 days of receiving your order. If our Accuracy was not 100% with your request, we will fix it or offer you free exchange.

The product must be in its original state as shipped from our factory. Broken in, oiled or gloves damaged in any way does not apply for refund.
It’s risk-free, no questions asked and there’s no fine print involved.
Frequently Asked Questions

All custom baseball gloves will ship within 4 to 6 weeks, on average. Orders placed during a promotion may experience higher wait times. We will do our best to let you know of any delays.

Our orders are instantly transmitted to our production managers. However, any changes requested 2 days after purchase will be considered. NYStix reserves the right to reject changes requested by buyers.

All gloves orders receive a 1 year non transferable glove warranty. Any issues with the workmanship will be handled on a case by case basis. Gloves that are determined to be “defective” will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of NYStix.

The only one thing that separates the top ballplayers from average players is their equipment.

What Our Customers Say..

I really love the quality of the wood that's used to make NYStix. I've had a few bats that lasted me longer than some of the top name brands that are used by actual professional. I have no complaints ask the baseballs I've used them on, lol.
NYStix recommended by customer.
Donovan D
NYStix wood bats are awesome. I've had them for a long time and they feel really, really great. As a coach and a player good equipment is needed for winning results.
Alex Torres likes NYStix
Alex T
Bronx, NY