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Who is NYStix Custom Wood Bats & Gloves

We are a company born from the ballparks of NYC. It's time to create a new beginning.

Andre J

How we started?

In 2001, playing in St. Mary’s park in the South Bronx, the ballplayers playing on the diamond bring their A game onto the diamond every weekend. The talent level of the players were on par with minor league pro players. But the problem were the bats. Everyone always asking, Where can I get some good wood?  Wood bats were braking constantly.  Back then we had the popular sporting goods retailers but the quality of wood bats were not up to par. The specialties stores had slightly better inventory, but we wanted better.

I hooked up with a company who had produced bats for pro players and sold them in our league as well as to other players around the city. Players in the tri-sate were happy to be hitting with those  higher quality bats and I was happy with the response from the players.

Players wanted to more, they wanted different models, lengths and sizes, but I did not have the flexibility to fulfill these requests. Players would come up to me and say, “Dre, you can get me this model?”. I’d have to say “Soon”, without knowing how this was going to happen.

The only way was to start making bats myself. But how would this happen?

Well the first good news I got was finding a supplier of the wood billets. I could not believe how easy it was to get pricing. “Sure we’ll email it to you!”

Next I watched a bunch of wood turning videos. I knew nothing about wood-turning. After watching and studying technique for a month. I started looking for the setup which includes wood lathe, copy attachment, lathe cutters, dust collectors and coating.

Having all of these ready, “practice”. It took a while to have something that resembled a bat, but when I was able to goto the cage and have my teammates try them out, I was nervous. However the trials worked out. I received positive feedback and suggestions. Thus NYStix was born and the orders came with them.

Bat quality improves

The game-changer for NYStix is when we purchased our CNC lathe. Up until then, each bat took 25-30 min to make. Our new machine took us to a new level of production reducing time to 90 secs.

Our popularity really started to grow and we made the investment to make better quality bats and improve client custom requests.

Back in the game!