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NYStix Empire Wood Bats

Where to buy best wood bats?

NYStix Wood Bats LLC company was started to fix this problem, because I was one of those players asking. In NYC, there where big retailers like Modells, Sports Authority, Dick’s and the boutiques stores in the 5 boros. But at that time the quality of the wood in these stores where horrible. Players where buying bats every week for the weekend games hoping for a few good hits. This got very expensive.

It is important to know, that the bats used in the MLB are made from highest quality sections or northern ash, hard maple and yellow birch logs. The number of companies that existed that would sell youth and amateur players higher quality of wood were far less in number, compared to now. Our team had a relationship with one such company and our results were winning.

But what about everyone else?  What I set out todo was to be among the first wood bat company in the NYC area to be an answer to “Where to buy best wood bats?” and we did it. Let us tell you how Empire Series wood bats will improve the quality of your hitting and value in your wallet.

Hard Maple Bats

NYStix started operating after the hard maple lumber started to gain in popularity. A lot of sawmills started producing maple billets, but very few got it right. Maple bats gave hitters a boost in contact and the make up of this hardwood is different than ash wood bats. 

Maple is denser or non-porous hardwood which ranks higher than ash on hardwood hardness scales. Hitters will be rewarded with a durable bat and rewards for solid contact.

Ink Dot on Maple Bats

Have you noticed the ink dot on wood bats? What does it ? Do I need an ink dot on my maple bats? Let me give you short history and the meaning in nutshell.

The growth in the use of maple bats had really taken off from its introduction and success hitters were experiencing. Sambat and Barry Bonds saw to the rise in use. So as demand grew and new manufactures where coming onto the seen, sawmills probably were scrambling to get maple logs into the sawmills. Crazy…

Starting from around 2006 into 2007, the amount of broken maple bats was on the sharp rise. These bats weren’t just cracking, but where shearing off into pieces creating “arrow” with sharp edges that flew into stands and cause injuries.

Why was this happening? In our view, at the time, the problem was 2 fold. With such a high demand for hard maple and players requests for same big barrel and thin handle models. We think bat manufactures opted for “soft maple” and this hardwood is not good for hitting on that level.

In 2008, the professional leagues conducted studies and the results were new regulations for sawmills and bat makers. All maple bats made for the professional game had new limits to handle sizes and they must include an ink dot 12″ above the handle on the flat grain.

This ink dot makes the finer grains on the wood visible to the eye. If the  slope of grain is over 2 degrees ( ex. |-good /-max  ) , the bats cannot be used in the pro game.

Our NYStix bats follow the professional game regulations. Customers have the freedom to choose if they want the ink dot on or not. 

Yellow Birch Bats

Birch bats is an alternative to white ash, which has been the preferred timber for baseball’s history. We’ve all heard or read the stories of Babe Ruth wanting a bat with many knots in the barrel. Hank Arron surpassed Ruth’s homerun record using an white ash bat.

Birch is an attractive wood to use for wood bats, because it is a bit of a hybrid. It has the flexibility of northern white ash bats, but the hardness of maple. So what does this matter? Why not always use the maple, its the better wood?

The benefit to birch is its flexibility. Developing hitters benefit from the combo of flexibility and strength when facing good pitching or when they are learning to hit pitches on the inside part of the plate, for example.

What Our Customers Say..

I really love the quality of the wood that's used to make NYStix. I've had a few bats that lasted me longer than some of the top name brands that are used by actual professional. I have no complaints ask the baseballs I've used them on, lol.
NYStix recommended by customer.
Donovan D
NYStix wood bats are awesome. I've had them for a long time and they feel really, really great. As a coach and a player good equipment is needed for winning results.
Alex Torres likes NYStix
Alex T
Bronx, NY